VisualWorks is a system for recording, storage and playback of digital video and also for digital reporting. Standard PC with operating system of Microsoft Windows supports this software. VisualWorks was designed for any types of visual survey recordings where a large amount of video information recording synchronized with data from different sources is necessary.

VisualWorks System was developed by VisualSoft Ltd.

VisualWorks System includes:

  • VisualDVR - data recording program
  • VisualEdit -  data review and editing program 
  • VisualReview - review program
  • VisualData - telemetry data sources connection program



Pipeline profile processing using VisualWorks System 

Data processing of Tritech Sea Prince profiler in VisualWorks System. See below! VisualWorks system usage gives the following possibilities by profile processing:

·  Visual and automatic determination

·  Washout length determination

·  Washout height determination

·  Washout dynamics changing determination

·  Washout binding to ROV's video, coordinates and sensor reading

·  Pipeline route modeling

·  In-line profile modeling of pipelines

·  Combined maps modeling of the pipeline and washouts’ composite displaying


Another possibility of VisualWorks System is 3D model of pipeline’s position:

·  Pipeline’s position visual displaying

·  Filling up and washouts visual determination

·  Quick detection of the foreign objects near the pipeline

·   Relief critical ruggedness detection