“Sea Software Packages and Technologies” Ltd was established in 2004. Initially our main goal was making the own software for ROVs. But in time we have expanded our solutions to producing underwater technology. And now we can offer enough wide range of diving equipment, software, and offshore services.

The products that we manufacture are widespread in underwater, gas and oil-refining industry, and research field.

SSP&T produces underwater equipment: lighting (LED & Halogen lights and spotlamps), video cameras, video inspection systems (single and double divers stationed).
Also we design own data acquisition software for ROVs. This software is named as DVS (Digital Video Surveyor). Also we fabricate own DVS data recorders that are used in ROV works. DVS software is successfully integrated with most ROVs of SeaEye, Sperre-AS, SMD, Benthos, SubAtlantic, Perry Slingsby, etc.

Our skilled ROV pilot-technicians have IMCA certificates. They had been learnt and trained by ABEL training division in Italy (http://www.abel.kr.it). The specialists have several years’ experience. Our data-processors took the course in VisualSoft (Aberdeen, UK) and participated in BP projects on the Caspian Sea from 2008 to present. Thus, SSP&T is ready to provide personnel to Offshore projects.

We take care of safety and health of our staff. We do regular safety trainings and medical inspections.

The areas of the company activity are concentrated in the Far East of Russian Federation,  SeaEye, Sperre-AS, SMD, Benthos, SubAtlantic, Perry Slingsby.  Our base partners are Divetechnoservice Ltd, (Russia), Tetis Pro JSC (Russia), Svarog Ltd (Fugro’s representative in Russia), Fertoing Ltd, Cygnus Instruments Ltd, and Visual Soft (UK).