:: 09.05.2012 ::
Offshore Training Courses in Azerbaijan

Our specialists have successfully passed Offshore Training Courses and have certificates as following:

BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training)

HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training)

EBS (Emergency Breathing Systems)

:: 25.03.2012 ::
IMCA member

SSP&T Ltd  became a member of International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA)

:: 21.03.2012 ::
Certified Service Center of Cygnus Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges and Leak Detectors

Now we are the only one certified service center of ultrasonic thickness gauges by Cygnus Instruments Ltd in Russia!!!

Our staff passed successfully "Service and repair" training in Cygnus Instruments' head office (Dorchester, England) and now you don't need to send the broken gauges for repairing in England, you should send it to us and you'll save money and time!!!


:: 20.03.2012 ::
Exclusive Distributor

Our company is an exclusive distributor of Cygnus surface ultrasonic thickness gauges.

We have the lowest prices for all products of Cygnus Instruments!!!


:: 10.03.2011 ::
QuattroCam Underwater was developed

QuattroCam Underwater (two-operators diver splash-proof digital video recorder)  is used for underwater surveys in sea or fresh water, and for underwater technical works control. Underwater unit consists of video camera, lamp and umbilical and performs video signal transmittion to on-board unit, which records video in DVS format.

The main feature of this unit is to ensure the simultaneous operation of two divers.

:: 13.05.2010 ::
CET coast zone inspection

SSP&T Ltd placed ROV pilots, ROV supervisor, data processing operators and deck workers at Svarog Company's disposal for CET coast zone  operations (general customer is NordStream Company). DVS data acquisition system and ROV  Seaeye Tiger were used in the operations.

:: 05.02.2010 ::
Video Overlay Unit

We developed a new product! It is designed to overlay text lines, date and time data telemetry of measurement instrumentation (such as thickness gauges) and sensor data from remote operated vehicles (ROV) to video signal.

:: 26.01.2010 ::
Diver Splash-proof Digital Video Recorder upgrade

We added some improvements to DSDVR:

  • Text overlay in Russian language  (titles)
  • Recording duration up to 150 hours in MPEG-4 format
  • New LED Light SVDS2-100 with low power consumption


:: 11.01.2010 ::
NEW Lights

Now we have LED Light SVDS2-100 in the list of available products and also as a part of Underwater Diver's Video Units.

It has low power consumption, reflecting surface, focused light beam. 

:: 02.01.2010 ::
Underwater survey works by "Qatar Petroleum" and "VisualSoft" request

SSP&T specialists made successful inspections of oil platforms in Persian Gulf. SSP&T was responsible for "VisualWorks" software operating.

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