"DVS-Report" Software provides making of the HTML-report, based on data, which acquired during the survey with DVS Software.



As a result of software functioning we get a report in the form of collection of HTML-pages, graphic stills, video clips for each recorded object, text files with telemetry data for each object.

You can view this report via any web-browser.

The main report file is index.html.

We have an opportunity to generate a web-site, based on our report.

User doesn’t take part in report forming. This means that user must enter only common information about report and set up necessary properties. After the process starting program will work in automatic mode, and when the process finished, we get a fully prepared record.




Intel Celeron 667 MHz


256 МВ


HDD capacity depends on DVS project volume

Operating System

Microsoft Windows XP

DirectX DirectX 8.0 and higher