Providing ROV Pilot Technicians


SSP&T Ltd supplies skilled personnel for participation in works with ROVs.

Each ROV pilot’s average time of ROV piloting is minimum 600 hours.

Available Certificates — IMCA ROV Pilot Technician, VisualSoft Data Processor, SOLAS / Falck Nutec, BOSIET, HUET, EBS. 

Our ROV Pilot Technicians have a great experience of piloting such ROVs as SeaEye Tiger, SeaEye Panther Plus, SeaEye Falcon, SubFighter 3000, SubFighter 7500, SMD Venom, SMD Quantum.

Participation in many projects (CPC-R Marine Terminal Inspection, Nord Stream Project, Sakhalin Energy, Shtokman Development, Sakhalin Arkutun-Dagi, Kirinskoye and etc.) confirms high competence of our ROV pilots.