DVS (Digital Video Surveyor) – is the complete solution ideal for video, audio, text and telemetry recording, report generation which is used either in diver surveys or ROV surveys. 

Basic version of "DVS-Pro" includes:

  • Up to 8 video channels recording and playback via connecting network clients "R-Client".
  • Up to 2 audio channels recording and playback.
  • Telemetry data recording and playback (RS-232/422/485).
  • Telemetry units constructor for data interpretation and data overlay on video as requested.
  • Collected material is presented as clips data base. The clips contain special information marks.
  • Digital report is prepared during the process of work with the system. Post processing is also available.


Recording Software "Recorder"


Recording software "Recorder" is used for:

  • Video capture from analog or digital camera via video digitalizing device,
  • Video data collecting for archive,
  • Base construction to present collected video data. Each video record is supplied with text information characterizing the given record.

At the same time digital video report of package working is created.

"Recorder" allows make both fragmentary recording (to record video clips about the objects of interest on manager’s command or operator’s request), and nonstop recording (video recorded without operator’s participation).


Maximum video file size  - 4 Gb (approximately one hour of record for one camera in good quality).


 Projects Editing Software "Editor"   


“Editor” software is used for editing project data recorded in “Recorder”. It allows to:

  • Create project editions
  • Move through the records created during the survey and view them in various modes
  • Edit linked text blocks
  • Delete records from edition
  • Export video clips to AVI format
  • Export data into text file with delimited fields
  • Create disc images for recording on CD/DVD and other storages
  • Rewrite audio comments
  • Create bookmarks



 Playback software "Player" 


Playback software "Player" designed for replaying DVS report represented as disc images, prepared in "Editor" software. “Player” allows to do the following:

  • Open project from the removable device or hard drive (in case when whole project has been copied to hard drive)
  • Copy the project’s base and text database from removable device to hard drive
  • Download whole video data base to the hard drive to prevent using the set of removable drives and disks (in this case the enough free space on hard drive is required)
  • Navigate through report and browse database in different modes
  • Export video clips, bookmarks, etc into the AVI-files
  • Export text data into field separated text file



Additional camera handler software "R-Client"


"R-Client" software is additional camera handler (DV or PAL).

If system performance is not enough for handling additional camera,  "R-Client" could be installed on additional computer equipped with a video capture device and connected via LAN to primary computer with "Recorder".

Management of additional camera parameters is performed via "Recorder" software (Main camera).



Minimal System Requirements


Intel Pentium-IV 2GHz


256 МВ


80GB (30 hours of continuous recording)


64 MB

Video Capture Device

Conexant BT8x8 based card, or IEEE1394 DV device

Serial Ports

Serial ports (COM) for external device connection

Operating System

Microsoft Windows XP

DirectX DirectX 8.0 and higher