:: 04.12.2009 ::
CET coast zone inspection


SSP&T Ltd placed ROV pilots, data processing operators and deck workers at Svarog Company's disposal for CET coast zone  operations (general customer is NordStream Company). DVS data acquisition system and ROV SubFighter 3000 were used in the operations.


:: 17.11.2009 ::
CPC-R Marine Terminal inspection


Annual CPC-R Marine Terminal inspection was completed. DVS-Pro software package was successfully used. SeaPrince profiler of Tritech Co production was used for washout searching. 


:: 01.11.2009 ::
Price reduction to Cygnus thickness gauges

We reduced the prices to all products of Cygnus Instruments!!!

:: 22.10.2009 ::
Diver's Video Unit was developed

It is a simplified version of Diver Splash-proof Digital Video Recorder. There is another principle of video-data recording in this Unit.

:: 14.10.2009 ::
Telemetry support in Diver Splash-proof Digital Video Recorder

 There is a digital data recording (including NMEA format) after the improvement of Diver Splash-proof Digital Video Recorder. You can imprint digital data in video and store it in a separate database.

:: 08.09.2009 ::
Participating in conference "Diving Business 2009" Novorossiysk

Pavel Antipov (the director of SSP&T Ltd.) introduced a report about modern technologies and equipment in diving business. He has demonstrated Diver Splash-prof Digital Video Recorder, Underwater HD-system and  Undrwater Diver's Video Unit.

:: 20.08.2009 ::
Underwater Diver's Video Unit was developed

Underwater Diver's Video Unit is the simplest complete system of video signal  transmission  from underwater hand or helmet-mounted video camera to the surface. There is no recording and displaying system in this unit, so it helps to reduce the price.


Underwater Unit consists of analog video camera, LED with brightness adjustment, umbilical and performs video signal transmission via on-board unit to any video signal receiver (TV, DVD Recorder). Video recording is not available. 



:: 11.08.2009 ::
Caspian Sea underwater technical and supporting works

SSP&T specialists have successfully completed the underwater technical works for the visual control of “Lukoil” Co oil platform installation on the Caspian Sea. Our specialists were responsible for ROV’s Video Ray operating and technical service as well as video material recording process organization using DVS system (The customer is Crane Marine Contractor).

:: 19.06.2009 ::
Multiple Echo Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges by Cygnus Instruments

Now you can purchase Ultrasonic thickness gauges produced by Cygnus Instruments in our company!!!!

Multiple Echo Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges are used for underwater and surface nondestructive metal thickness control for wastage and corrosion determination with high accuracy.

:: 03.06.2009 ::
SSP&T developed Underwater HD Video Unit

HD Video Unit is used for underwater surveys in sea or fresh water, and for underwater technical works control. There is a high resolution camera (1600×1200)  inside underwater sealed box.

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